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8 July 2020
"Belenkaya Classics"


"Belenkaya Classics"

The carbon filter promotes the absolute purification of vodka and enriches it with oxygen.

Taste quality

The purest natural water gives Belenkaya Klassika softness, makes it even more transparent, and the low content of natural honey creates a delicate shade of aftertaste, which makes vodka pleasant to use.


13 meters of carbon filter

The high quality of Belenkaya is achieved using special coal filtration - one of the most effective filtration methods. Passing through a charcoal filter, vodka is saturated with oxygen and acquires perfect flavor notes. 

Coal reveals a delicate aroma and a pleasant mild taste of Belenkaya. Only Belenkaya uses a carbon filter 13 meters long. Not 5, not 10 - 13. 

Technologists invented this most effective method in 1881 and improved it over the next 135 years. It contributes to the absolute purification of vodka.


Every drop goes through 13 meters of carbon filter in within 9 hours 45 minutes. This allows to achieve the highest quality indicators

Birch charcoal filtration

An exceptional raw material that is traditionally used for the filtration process is activated birch charcoal.

Birch charcoal is the best natural absorbent that purifies vodka from all harmful impurities in the most effective way.



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