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"ADAMIUM" - Is the largest supplier and the sole representative of various well-known worldwide brands in Armenia.

"ADAMIUM" was founded in 2003. Over the years, the company has made great strides, 


The company owns three large warehouses (4500m2, 3000m2, 1000m2) , equipped with the necessary equipment and own car parking.

The main activity of our company is the import and distribution of vodka, wine, beer, sweets and other food products.

The company's activity covers 98% of the territory of Armenia.



From the first day of work to this day, the main mission of our company is to provide the Armenian market with products of well-known and high-quality regularly increasing brands.



The company has about 1000 employees.

Our company has its own selection policy for employees. We have long and carefully created our team. Our managers are people who know everything about our products and are happy to tell you about its features and advantages. We love our work and are constantly developing, regularly participating in exhibitions and seminars, so we are always up to date with all the latest innovations in the field of production.

In the list of the first 1000 largest taxpayers, according to the tax year of 2019, "ADAMIUM" company is the 15th in the amount of taxes paid.



Our company is the absolute leader in the Armenian market in the field of import of natural juices, imported vodka and beer, as well as in the production of meat delicacies and semi-finished products. Representation in different product groups helps strengthen our company’s position in relations with point of sales, which allows us to quickly and efficiently promote new brands for the Armenian market.


The success of any company depends largely on the quality of the products sold. The quality of the product must meet a number of requirements, but first and foremost, it must meet the needs of the consumer. We offer not only the best, but also try to meet the real needs of buyers.


The company's special pride is its work in the Horeca segment. Restaurant business is a delicate area that requires special attention. Our company effectively uses its resources to maintain a high level of business reputation, because taking care of your own image is taking care of the partner’s image.

Our company strives to provide maximum conditions, level of service and comfort of our partners.


Cooperation with us is a guarantee of success!

Upon reaching mutual agreements, we can confidently say that "ADAMIUM" can become your worthy partner.

Company Foundations

In October 2003, Adamyan brothers founded the company ADAMIUM

Natural juices TM Sandora and Sadochok

The company began its activity with the distribution of natural juices TM Sandora and Sadochok. Since 2004, Adamium has become the permanent leader in the distribution of natural juices in Armenia.

Alcoholic beverages

Since 2005, we began working in the market of imported alcoholic beverages with such Ukrainian and Russian manufacturers as the Ukrainian distribution company, Russian Alcohol Group, Bayadera Group, etc. Our company has also won and successfully maintains a leading position in this market, constantly enriching the assortment of the promoted products.

Atenk brand and factory

Since 2009, we have acquired the Atenk brand and factory (production and distribution of sausages), from a 10% market share, today our share is more than 40%. Today, TM Athenk is the absolute leader in this market.


Our partners are: PepsiCo, SUN InBev, Global Spirits Group, Bayadera Group, Ladoga, Permalco, S.P.I. Spirits, ALTIA PLC, Tatspirtprom JSC, Stellar Group, Alviz, NPP Getman, Budweiser Budvar, etc.

As a result of cooperation with famous LADOGA company our company became the official representative of Tsarskaya brand in Armenia and achieved great results in sales of Tsarska zolotaya, Tsarska original vodka.
KOSKENKORVA in Armenian market
"Adamium" LLC started its cooperation with ALTIA group. A contract was signed, according to which "Adamium" LLC became the official representative of the world famous brand KOSKENKORVA vodka in Armenia.
New, famous brands

In the list of the first 1000 largest taxpayers, according to the tax year of 2019, "Adamium" company is the 15th in the amount of taxes paid.

Adamium LLC started importation new famous brands as "Я", "Любимый", "Фруктовый Сад" natural juices, confectionery production "AtAg" and famous international brands like BELITSA, Gradus Grain, Gradus Black, BIONICA, Organika


New achievements

"Adamium LLC" started to introduce new well-known brands Pasteroni Italian pasta brand, Знатные and Саоми pasta brands. The brands are represented in Russia by EXTRA M company.

New, famous brands

"Adamium LLC" started to introduce new brands 

New achievements

Our company is always characterized by the desire to quickly orient, move forward and reach new heights. Development of new tactics and market entry


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